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Introducing the latest ZEISS Vision experience at Cliff Williams

When you come for an eye test we can offer you the NHS funded eye examination, or you can upgrade to our enhanced eye exam for £60.00 more, which includes a wider photo of the inside of the eye, up to 200°of the retina with the ZEISS Clarus 500 and we carry out 3D scans of your retina with our ZEISS Cirrus OCT, providing a very detailed and comprehensive check of the eye.


This video shows how the information links as you move through the eye test and journey with all of our ZEISS equipment::

  1. Measuring your existing spectacles on the Visulens 550
  2. Assessing your eyes objectively quickly to 0.01 dioptres on the i.Profiler Plus
  3. Contactless and convenient vision testing experience with the Visuscreen 500 and Visuphor 500
  4. Retinal photography with the Clarus 500
  5. Biomicroscopy examination with the Zeiss Digital slit lamp
  6. Visual field screening with the Humphrey Visual Field Analysers
  7. 200° Ultra wide field retinal photography with the Clarus 500 (enhanced eye exam)*
  8. 3D scan of the back of the eye (posterior) using the Cirrus OCT ( enhanced eye exam)*
  9. 3D scan of the front of the eye (anterior) using the Cirrus OCT ( enhanced eye exam)*
  10. Spectacle M.O.T. to check on how much of an improvement is possible with new modern bespoke lenses using ZEISS MY VISION PROFILE
  11. 3D face scan with your new frames on for accurate dispensing and lens centration using the VISUFIT1000

*Ultra wide field retinal photography and Cirrus OCT scanning are not covered by the NHS funded eye examination, our enhanced eye test provides access to the very latest equipment made by ZEISS who have been in Optics since 1846.

We can then order the latest lens designs to make things as clear and as comfortable as possible, including fully bespoke - Individual design - lenses which ZEISS is world renowned for.

Just like mobile phones, technology is moving forward and this is why we keep investing in ZEISS equipment to keep you working with the latest lenses for optimum comfort and clarity. We now have over £200,000 of ZEISS equipment making up our unique ZEISS Vision Experience!

We are proud of our ZEISS imaging suite with everything interlinked and is widely considered the gold standard in optics, find out a bit about the images we can get from the OCT :

ZEISS Clarus 500 Ultra wide field retinal photography up to 200°, all in true colour

Having seen the massive leap forward in retinal photography compared to our old ZEISS camera we have upgraded to the Clarus 500, we can take a normal picture as part of the NHS funded eye exam, upgrade to the enhanced eye test for a larger retinal picture into the periphery. 

Zeiss Clarus 500 ultra wide field retinal photography under test

ultra wide field retinal picture using ZEISS Clarus 500 camera

Our ZEISS Slit lamp with digital imaging can take still or video as we assess your eyes, this can be advantageous in documenting any changes, or if we have to carry out a referral to Ophthalmlology. The additional custom made screen by Cliff can be seen, offering extra protection between Optometrist and Patient.

ZEISS Slit lamp with digital imaging

Using the ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT we can 3D scan the back of the eye to check for macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic changes and other medical conditions, we also have the ability to scan the front (anterior chamber) of the eye to check that the structure has open angles as well as assessing the corneal thickness (pachymetry). We were the first to have OCT in Fife with the first one being installed in 2009! Now than ever before we find this an essential test to have done, allowing us to scan your eye while sitting two metres away.

ZEISS Slit lamp with digital imaging

The ZEISS Cirrus OCT scan is the other part of our enhanced eye exam that you can upgrade to for £50.00, we scan your retina in 3D to check for early signs of change, including macula degeneration, glaucoma, macular hole, vitreo macular traction & epi retinal membrane to name but a few.  Here are some of the scans we can achieve in HD with our fully equipped OCT:


We have an alternative to the puff test for glaucoma - find out about our latest way to check your eye pressure with Scott.

The easy way to a better vision. Contactless and convenient vision testing experience, 
 a new perspective focussing on accurate results




We use the latest tech using 9 cameras and 45million points of reference


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