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Discover how we can digitally measure your six points for Relaxed Vision - quickly and accurately

For many years the use of plastic rulers and felt tip pens has been the way of finding where your pupil position is in relation to the middle of the frame and the bottom of the frame, but this can create many different problems and errors throughout the process, from simple errors to height differences between you and the person taking the measurements or excessive head rotation.

Zeiss i.Terminal digital facial measurements

When we are measuring you for the latest Carl Zeiss Individual single vision or progressive lenses we can quickly gather the following information, which you can see in the picture above and in detail to the right:

i.terminal measurement data close up

Monocular Pupil distance (PD)

The distance from each pupil to the centre of your new frame

Vertical Height (Y)

The distance from the bottom of the frame to the centre of your pupil

Pantoscopic angle (Panto)

The amount that the frame tilts in towards the cheek

Back Vertex Distance (BVD)

How far the back surface of the lens is from the front of your cornea

Bow angle

How much the frame front is curved - or frame wrap

What's more when we are designing your new ZEISS Individual ® Eyefit lenses - customised progressives - we can position the lower reading area (marked with the thick yellow circle seen in the picture above) so it is inside the frame, maximising your reading zone to the spectacle frame depth you have chosen!

We then enter the additional details to fully customize your Eyefit lenses:

Reading position

How far away you like to do close work, or hold your reading material as we are all different sizes and have different needs.

Personal near vision use

Together we establish whether a lens design tailored for near vision, intermediate vision or balanced where you lead an active lifestyle at varied positions throughout the day is best for your individual needs.


But that's not all!

Finally Carl Zeiss engrave onto the front surface of all ZEISS Individual ® Eyefit progressive lenses your personal initials to show that both sides of your lenses are unique to you, not just the back surface, with no compromised moulded lens designs. Your engraved initials on Eyefit lenses are very subtly done and can be detected with a trained eye and the correct lighting.

With all these measurements taken we then connect directly to Carl Zeiss Vision in Aalen, Germany where the data is transferred digitally ready for us to complete your order, this means that your measurements are sent to the lab correctly.


What happens if my measurements are taken with rulers and felt tip pens?

Studies by Carl Zeiss Vision suggest that if a lens is incorrectly centred by as little as 1.0mm then up to 50% of the intermediate and near vision areas are compromised, resulting in a narrower intermediate and reading area, which can be annoying as you lead your daily life. Watch this video to find out how it can affect your vision:


Zeiss Relaxed Vision Center


Cliff's experience and affinity with all the latest technology is widely recognised within Carl Zeiss and because of this Cliff regularly assists Carl Zeiss at nationwide events training fellow Professionals. You too can see how quickly we can gather your measurements and send them to Germany by watching one of Cliff's short training videos:

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