ZEISS Z1 F133 Cobalt blue tints for photosensitive epilepsy

ZEISS Z1 F133 tinted lenses to help with photosensitive epilepsy.Recently we have been asked if we can provide a special ZEISS tint that studies have shown help alleviate photosensitive epilepsy. Researching this we have found the tint is available on special order direct from ZEISS and we are delighted to offer this to others that have ideally been diagnosed or are acutely aware that they suffer from photosensitive epilepsy.

There has been much research carried out by others on this and here is a link to a study from 2006:

Suppressive Efficacy by a Commercially Available Blue Lens on PPR in 610 Photosensitive Epilepsy Patients, published 2006


Due to the darkness of the Z1 F133 tint it means it is UNSUITABLE for night driving.

The Z1 F133 tint is available with ZEISS single vision, bifocal and progressive addition lenses (varifocals).

When fitting these lenses we recommend that we offer you a thorough eye examination using our ZEISS equipment:

Once the eye examination is complete Cliff will then advise on the best spectacle frame, size and fitting to complement the best lenses. Please note that dispensing of spectacles to under 16s MUST be carried out by a Registered Dispensing Optician or Optometrist. After the best frames are chosen accurate measurements for the lens position in the frame is taken using the ZEISS i.Terminal2 ensuring accuracy is maintained throughout.

To find out more please contact Cliff Williams to find out more - remember though we aim to maintain the highest of standards and do not do mail order.

Most of our new Patients do not know what "Registered Dispensing Optician" stands for as they are not found in every Opticians on the High Street - we undergo extensive training to take the Optometrist's prescription and convert it into superbly fitted spectacles and we are registered with the General Optical Council - learn more about Dispensing Opticians from ABDO our professional body

We would like to thank Dawn for sharing a super pic of her son Aiden with his new sunglasses, dispensed with ZEISS single vision lenses using the Z1 F133 tint.

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