Newhurst O Gauge totem sign


Welcome to the website for Newhurst - an "O" gauge model railway layout depicting somewhere in Hampshire in the 1960s on British Railways Southern Region. Featuring the latest in DCC sound with some synchronised smoke effects for steam locomotives completing the sight and sounds of a bygone era.
The station is double track, with a passing loop, two goods sidings and a junction to a single track branch.  The track plan  gives opportunity for numerous and frequent train movements, which is of course desirable for exhibitions.
The station represents a fictitious location on a secondary main line somewhere in Hampshire near the New Forest, the name deriving from merging the names New Forest and Lyndhurst.  The station is at the junction of a short branch to Bramble Quay, which is also fictitious.


Please do bookmark the site as we develop it in advance of the first exhibitions in 2019.

EXHIBITION MANAGERS:- please contact us if you are interested in booking Newhurst for a future exhibition.

Newhurst Signal Box with 34077 603 Squadron

Newhurst Station

Newhurst Station - the view towards the town

Newhurst Station viewed from the Town

Newhurst Station - the view from the Town.

Newhurst Station and bay platform


Overall view of the layout