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Your eye is as unique as a fingerprint - i.Scription® Technology by ZEISS creates a precision lens unique to you 

Wavefront guided vision correctionHow does i.Scription Technology work?

i.Scription® Technology by ZEISS is based on the ZEISS eye measuring system called the i.Profiler® plus, specifically designed to determine the exact "fingerprint" of the eyes and provides measurements unique to the patient's eyes.

ZEISS i.Scription prescription takes into account the effects of low and higher order aberrations on retinal image quality by measuring up to 1500 points on each eye. This is done to provide improved vision corrections that deliver optimal visual performance over a broader range of luminance levels, even under demanding viewing conditions like night driving.

i.Scription®  Technology analyses the circle of least confusion to provide the most accurate pescription possible.




even more clarity, contrast and brilliance for your eyes

"I'm as blind as a bat at night." Many say this without really thinking. At night, dawn or dusk many people do not see as well as during the day due to their dilated pupils. However, traditional subjective refraction is usually performed in bright light with the pupils contracted. Only the objective refraction enabled by the wavefront technology of the ZEISS i.Profiler®plus can also measure visual performance with dilated pupils. This allows us to to analyse the profile of each individual eye and order lenses featuring ZEISS i.Scription® technology for you. These can not only improve poor night and twilight vision, but they can also increase the contrast and clarity of your vision in the daylight.

As your eye profile is as unique as your fingerprint it is worth being assessed here in Kirkcaldy, Fife, with the sole i.Profiler Plus in Scotland, to find out how we can help improve your clarity, contrast and brilliance!


ZEISS i.Scription technology for bespoke lenses at Cliff Williams

The i.Profiler Plus test is done in about a minute for both eyes which is a quick and easy test , all you have to do is look at the red stripes on the balloon.

 i.Profiler by ZEISS at Cliff Williams

Once we have your i.Profiler Plus assessment this is automatically added to your file ready for the next stage of your test using our ZEISS Visuphor and Visuscreen equipment

without and with i.Scription lenses


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